Welcome to Solanyx

Solanyx is an ecosystem on the Solana blockchain
that aims to deliver Gaming, NFTs and DeFi experience built around its token.

Solanyx NFTs

High Quality, 3D, in game characters

3,698 uniquely generated NFTs will be minted on the Solana blockchain. The collection contains about 1000 different attributes, which gives each Solanyx a different and unique look.

Your NFT will be the only one of its kind in our game making for a unique gaming experience while you play. Trade your NFT to play as other unique characters or try to get your hands on more then one to have a unique collection.

Minting soon

Zombie Apes NFTs

3D, animated Apes are coming

3,698 uniquely generated Zombie Apes NFTs will be airdropped to Solanyx NFT holders.

The only way to get this Unique Zombie Ape is to hold a Solanyx NFT or hope someone is willing to sell theirs. Which rare one will you be able to get your lucky hands on?

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What are the benefits?

Solanyx will have multiple applications, and each of them will provide you with additional income.

Stake or Rent

Earn passive income from staking SolanyxNFTs or $SYXT on our platform, or rent your NFTs to other people.

Play Game

By playing "Solanyx VS ZombieApes" game, you have the opportunity to earn $SYXT tokens.

Solanyx Casino

Become a member of our affiliate program at our casino and earn extra income.

Become a creator

Share your crypto skills on our video platform, monetize your content or set up paid subscriptions

Some of Our Awesome Products

Solanyx Casino

We have the world's best game providers as well as 30 types of poker that you can play with friends. We also have an affiliate and rake back program for our loyal members

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Solanyx Network

Place where you can share your knowledge with other people and monetize your content through paid subscriptions and ads revenue

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Solanyx VS ZombieApes

First person, p2e , shooter game built in unreal engine where you can use your NFTs as in game characters and earn $SYXT tokens

Coming Soon
Solanyx Marketplace

Place where you can buy and sell NFTs and in game items. High quality 3D NFT projects are also welcome in our marketplace

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Staking Platform

Earn passive income by staking Solanyx NFTs and $SYXT tokens. High APY % for early birds

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VR Game

Help Solanyx to take over their planet back from Zombie Apes and rebuild the society

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